Dominic Bouchard

About Me

I'm an entrepreneur, business consultant, software developer and consummate learner.

I had a short stint as a lawyer. I left to build products instead. I'm into tech startups, laws, history, fitness, chess, and anything relating to building stuff.

Cool projects I worked on

Before going to law school, I traveled and sold beer as a brand representative. A few years later I worked in a law firm for a short time (which I loved).

I quit and went on to start tech startups. I worked on marketplaces, SaaS and mobile app for various industries.

What I'm doing now

I'm currently living in California working on a social time-tracker named Timerwise. I'm also helping businesses refine their positioning/offering, website/advertising copywriting, and help with product development using mainly JavaScript technologies (React, Node, MongoDB).



If you want to reach out, send me a msg here!